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The skateshop is open same hours as the ramp, and located to the left of the ramp entrance. We currently have several decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, & t-shirts in stock. If we do not have in stock what your looking for, let us know and we can order it for you. This service allows you to buy in a more direct fashion therefore saves you money. Presently we only take cash & checks. All money for items not shipped for any reason will be refunded, or you can choose something else. Realize that most goods are seasonal, and when they are gone they are gone for good. Spending your money with us helps build skateparks and support the growth of skating in the Midwest. We have maintained Skank Skates, the oldest private park in the world, and we are currently involved in building skateparks in Chatham, Springfield, and Madison, Iowa. We put your money to work for you!

Now Available!
Skank Skates Camera #1 Video

This video documents a history of the park from when it began in 1988 and includes footage through 1995. Featuring a soundtrack of local and touring underground bands of that era such as Nil8, Blue Meanies, The Stifs and many others. Pro-skaters such as Tony Hawk, Wade Speyer, Omar Hassan, Bucky Lasek, Willy Santos, Rob Dyrdek, Craig Johnson, Jesse Newhouse. Highlights include Tony Hawk's mctwist on the world's tallest mini-ramp!!

The video is available in two formats
standard vhs tape or cd-rom playable on your computer
The cost is $10 for either format, and available only at Skank Skates

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